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However, each of the above methods has its own drawbacks. Taking voting and elections, this method tends to satisfy the wishes of the majority, not necessarily to respond to the things that can create the greatest overall value. And relying on donations f

In March, gold, which has been repeatedly compared with Bitcoin, also depreciated, but not as much as this digital asset. According to data from MarketsInsider, the price of gold fell by 13% during March. It fell to US$1,4640 per ounce on March 19 and hit

This website was born in early 2011 and is essentially an illegal eBay, allowing independent vendors to publish their products on this website. Buyers make purchases through the website, which acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Its rapid

For Bitcoin, under the big picture, it is actually too late to break through the previous high. If you look at all the mainstream assets in the world, gold has broken the previous high, and the A-share CSI 300 index has also broken the previous high. Need

The root of BCHs current divergence lies in the conflict of ideas, which explains why such fierce conflicts broke out in the community when the version conflicts were not big, the line differences were not urgent, and the economic conflicts of interest we

Both BSV and BCH have very large blocks, especially BSV, which is increasingly filled with OP_RETURN transactions. If adopted as a data storage blockchain, the increased block size of BSV and BCH would be useful, but from the current goal of being used as

In the blockchain system, similar problems will also occur. In the Bitcoin and Ethereum POW chains, if there are malicious nodes with irrational or ulterior motives, for some reason, it wants to harm the entire system, unless it Master most of the computi