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In March, gold, which has been repeatedly compared with Bitcoin, also depreciated, but not as much as this digital asset. According to data from MarketsInsider, the price of gold fell by 13% during March. It fell to US$1,4640 per ounce on March 19 and hit a mBitcoin etc.onthly high of US$1,6940 per ounce on March 8.

The pursuit of higher throughput is the most important goal of many new public chain technologies. Bitcoin's consensus throughput is approximately 1MB of data every ten minutes, that is, on average, the entire network can reach a consensus on 1MB of data every ten minutes. According to 500B per transaction, this is approximately equivalent to processing 5 transactions per second, which is 5 tps.

Bitcoin is the original and longest lasting cryptocurrency, with the highest level of computing power, network effects, liquidity, market value, and arguably the highest number of "last hoarders". This article attempts to outline the most significant changes, milestones, and the positions of the so-called "small blockists" and "large blockists" in Bitcoin's past and its near future.

The invention of Monte Carlo simulation in the early 20th century marked a major turning point in human history. Before the Renaissance, humans were often in fear of randomness and uncertainty. Until the 20th century, we slowly began to gradually improve to understand it better, but still to a large extent let randomness determine the flow of things. With Monte Carlo simulation, we started to let randomness work for us. The apprentice has become a master.

Toomim also mentioned that CTOR can improve block propagation speed, and Graphene protocol can achieve great performance optimization. BitcoinABC developer Jason Cox pointed out that while processing very large blocks, the failure rate of compact blocks (compactblocks) will increase.

CoinEx is an exchange established at the end of 2017. It is a sub-brand of ViaBTC, the world's first BCH mining pool. Investors include powerful institutions such as Bitmain. Its founder Yang Haipo is developing BitcoiBitcoin etc.n technology. The community and mining pool operations are quite influential. According to the story circulating in the Bitcoin community, Yang Haipo began to join the Bitcoin community in 2013. In March 2016, he began to invest in the deployment and development of the Bitcoin mining pool. One person independently completed all the codes of the ViaBTC mining pool and promoted the mining pool’s development. Successfully launched after 2 months.

This article attempts to start with objective facts, analyze whether Bitcoin's "forever soft fork route" has been established in fact, analyze the possible sources of the formation of this route, and further explore the future development of this route. This article deliberately avoids directly quoting a large number of technical documents, so as not to reduce the legibility. If there are errors or omissions, please correct me.